Graphic Design Assistant

Core Tasks:

  • Create visual materials for marketing campaigns, online content, branding, etc 
  • Work with other departments to understand requirements, timelines, and objectives
  • Provide timely project updates and solicit feedback throughout the design process
  • Lead the mockup process for new projects (draft layouts, fonts, color palettes, etc)
  • Edit and iterate on existing creative assets as needed
  • Manage / file creative work for easy access and reuse
  • Perform other tactical sales and marketing-related tasks as needed


  • 3+ years experience with graphic design for static projects
  • Experience with Adobe Suite for static graphics (Photoshop / Illustrator) 
  • 1+ years experience with Monday (or similar project management tool)
  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills
  • Experience with HTML email design
  • Ability to work EST


  • Background working in design for commercial real estate
  • Familiarity with Gmail / Outlook and/or Teams / Slack for internal comms