Hire exclusive offshore talent. We select 1 out of 500 applicants on average.

Pay 80% less than US salaries.

Onboard top talent in under two weeks.

Dedicated workers who work in your time zone.

Top Companies use Talent Hackers

We’ve assisted companies of all sizes in growing their teams, whether it’s their initial hire or a complete team expansion and overhaul.

The team at Talent Hackers placed Chris into my organization within 2 weeks. Onboarding was a breeze and Chris took on responsibilities right out of the gate. He built a website from scratch in 2 weeks and continues to impress us with his web design skills.

Nick Vafiades

Co-founder, Duratus Holdings

You’re less than 2 weeks away from better hires.

Whether you’re a rapidly scaling business or a scrappy startup, Talent Hackers is your gateway to an efficient remote team. We help you maximize quality, minimize costs, and scale your growth.

Why Choose Talent Hackers?

Top Talent

Only the best-of-the-best who pass our rigorous screening and exams.


All hackers work in your time zone and your tech-stack.

Cost Effective

Up to 80% cheaper than a comparable North American hire.

Fully Dedicated

40 hours per week for your team only.

Unleash your team’s time and energy.

How it works

Finding talent is challenging – that's where we come in.

Our nearly 15 years of offshore recruiting experience means you can trust us to find your ideal candidate while saving you valuable time. Here’s how it works.

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Our team will follow up with you to craft a custom job description that meets your needs.

Talent search



We’ll launch a search across multiple networks to vet, screen, and interview talent that fits your role, company culture, and working hours.

Screening & interviews


Candidates complete several tests to verify and validate their technical proficiency. Top candidates have final-round interviews with our US-based experts to ensure client-candidate fit.

Talent secured!



Your ideal candidate is selected, signed, and onboarded to your team, ready to start adding value on day 1. We will be there for smooth integration and ongoing support forever!.


The right talent at the right price.

Operations / Back Office Talent


Starting price / month

Plan Includes

Development Talent


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Plan Includes

Which role are you hiring for?

No matter your need, we can find a hacker to support you.

Optimize your Operations

Enhance your business processes with experienced professionals who excel in streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Reliable Back Office Support

Ensure seamless business operations with top-tier back office professionals handling everything from accounting to customer support.

Expert Developers On-Demand

From front-end to back-end, hire skilled developers to bring your projects to life with efficiency and precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We’re here to help.

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How long does the process take?

Typically, we can secure your hackers in 2 weeks or less.

Are the hackers college educated?

Yes, we only hire from the top technical schools.

Do the hackers work in my time zone?


Do the hackers speak English?

All hackers have native English proficiency.

Top technical talent from the fastest growing continent on earth

Let us source, vet, and onboard top development and operations talent to unlock your team’s time and energy