The best kept secret of top tech companies

Companies like Meta, Google, and Apple source high-quality offshore talent from Nigeria – and for good reason. Famously dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Africa”, Nigeria is quickly becoming a premier destination for technically-proficient talent for companies all over the world. So what makes this rapidly expanding economy so special?

The Nigeria Advantage

Human Capital

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and is the 6th largest in the world with over 210M people


Home to Africa’s largest GDP at $504B

Higher Education

Over 1.7M Nigerians graduate from higher educational institutions joining the workforce each year.


The country’s geographic location makes for easier, more sustainable alignment to US time zones

English-Forward / Language

English is the official language, with over 125M speakers at an “High” fluency level according to the EF English Proficiency Index


The population is rapidly shifting to cities with modern energy and internet services

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