Elite development talent from the top universities in Nigeria.

Unleash the power of your Dev team with our dedicated Hackers. Regardless of your tech-stack, we’ll find an ideal candidate so you can focus less on coding, troubleshooting, and debugging, and more on scaling product delivery.

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Just some of the Development talent we offer

Shopify Developer

Get your storefront to stand out with custom designs and integrations

Maya Developer

Bring your studio’s vision to life faster than ever before.

Data Engineer

Transforming your raw data into the actionable insights needed to move forward with confidence.

Front-End Web Developer

Create captivating designs and a user experience that converts to fuel your business growth.

AI Developer

Boost productivity through AI-driven automation to revolutionize your team’s efficiency and output

Python Developer

Transforming ideas into powerful Python-driven solutions.

Java Developer

Unlock faster development cycles to deliver more of what your users are asking for

C# / C++ Developer

Spend less time debugging and more time delivering.

SQL Developer

Streamline data hygiene and query maintenance for effortless utilization and analysis

UI/UX Designer

More wireframes in less time means to help you unlock your conversion engine

iOS / Android Developer

Unlock a shortcut from idea to App store

Experience a seamless hiring process backed by our Ideal Match Guarantee