Amazon Launch Manager (PPC)

About the Role

As the Amazon Launch Manager (PPC), you’ll lead the successful launch and optimization of
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform. Collaborating closely with
internal teams and external partners, you’ll craft and execute comprehensive launch strategies
aimed at driving traffic, enhancing sales, and maximizing ROI for our products.
In this position, your PPC expertise will be instrumental in elevating our brands, increasing
sales, enhancing visibility, and solidifying our digital presence on Amazon.

Core Tasks:

  • Lead product launches and promotional campaigns to improve keyword rankings and
    visibility, thus influencing market presence and sales
  • Develop and implement PPC campaigns on Amazon Seller Central, ensuring optimal
    performance from the outset
  • Conduct thorough keyword research and competitive analysis to shape strategy, based
    on a deep understanding of market dynamics and competitor actions
  • Manage daily budgets across multiple brands to maximize return on investment,
    focusing on cost-effective ad spending
  • Align PPC strategies with the Senior Brand Manager to achieve brand objectives and
    adapt to market changes, integrating PPC campaigns with wider marketing initiatives
  • Regularly engage with the Senior Brand Manager to align PPC activities with company
    goals, promoting strategic coherence and collaborative planning
  • Use data analytics to continually refine campaigns, aiming for increased visibility and
    sales, and adjust strategies based on performance metrics
  • Stay updated on Amazon platform changes and PPC trends to maintain a strategic
  • Develop A/B testing processes to identify effective ad content and keywords, employing
    data-driven insights for continuous campaign optimization
  • Assist in managing the catalog and listings, address advertising and listing issues, and
    communicate with Amazon to resolve problems
  • Generate comprehensive reports on campaign performance for internal review, enabling
    data-backed strategic decisions
  • Proactively explore new opportunities within Amazon to broaden brand reach and
    impact, leveraging the latest tools and strategies
  • Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory standards in Amazon sales and advertising to
    mitigate legal risks

Must Haves

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in managing Amazon PPC campaigns, with a
    demonstrated history of sales growth and conversion optimization
  • Proficiency in Helium10, Data Dive, Scale Insights, and Amazon Seller Central
  • Strong analytical skills for making data-informed decisions
  • Excellent communication abilities, with experience leading teams and collaborating
    across departments
  • Adaptability to thrive in a dynamic and evolving e-commerce environment
  • Detail-oriented approach with a focus on delivering high-quality results within tight
  • Ability to work EST